Terrazzo Coaster Kit Tutorial

  1. Decide on your colour scheme and design
    When making terrazzo, we start with the chips first, so you’ll want to know what colour your base will be to ensure that you have enough contrast. Then, decide how many different colours you want in your chips – you can make up to three colours!
  1. Make your chips
    For each colour, you will measure out
    25g Powder
    10g Liquid
    (The ratio is 2.5 part Powder to 1 part Liquid)
  1. Add your pigment
    A little pigment goes a long way so start small! We suggest dipping a mixing stick into your pigment, then adding to your Jesmonite. The more pigment you use, the stronger the colour will be.
  1. Spread the mixture out thinly
    You have 10 minutes to create your colour before it starts to dry out. Once colour is ready, pour your mixture onto the clear plastic sheet and spread it out thinly.
  1. Repeat steps 2 to 4 with all other coloured chips that you want
    Be careful not to add too much pigment, as it will make it harder for the Jesmonite to set properly
  1. Leave to set for 15 minutes
    Once ready, the surface will be matte and the texture is brittle. Give it a test break to ensure a clean snap!
  1. Crush your chips
    Break up the terrazzo chips with your hands – the finer you crush, the smaller your coloured pieces will be. Keep the chips to one side while we make the base.
  1. Mix up your base
    For each coaster, you will need to measure out
    70g Powder
    28g Liquid
    35g Coloured chips 
    Combine both powder and liquid well until you have a smooth and lump free consistency. At this point, you have a maximum of about 10 minutes to add pigment and your coloured chips before it starts to set.
  1. Pour combined mixture into mould
    Pour into the centre of your mould. Once they are poured in, give it a shake and tap the sides to release some of the air pockets/ bubbles.
  1. Once set, release your coaster from the mould
    It will take around 30 minutes for your coasters to set in the mould before you release them.
  1. Wet your coaster and sand
    You will need to sand your coasters until you reveal the desired amount of chips for a nice terrazzo design. Start with a course grit sandpaper (80 grit then 240 grit) and move gradually finer to 400 grit to smooth your coaster. Once you are done sanding, give them a wash and let dry.
  1. Seal with sealer
    Lastly, add a dab of the beeswax provided to seal your coaster.

Voila! You have made your own beautiful terrazzo coasters. We hope you have enjoyed this process and please tag @kittuco on Instagram to show us your creations!